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Longer-Term Role with CFW

The Promotion Committee The Promotion Committee's primary responsibility is to market a unified, quality image of the business district as the center of activities, goods and services to retailers, residents, shoppers, investors and tourists. The responsibilities of this committee are broad and typically include coordinating advertising, reversing negative images of the district, implementing special events, and establishing and maintaining good media relations.

The first job of the Promotion Committee should be to conduct a thorough inventory of all current district promotional activities by checking with the Chamber of Commerce, local art groups, the merchants' association and all service clubs. After this, the Committee and the Board should make some basic organizational decisions about the role and activities of the Promotion Committee. Most local programs have found that a combination of assisting existing programs and developing a limited number of new promotional activities is the best way to implement a comprehensive, balanced promotion calendar.

Members of the Promotion Committee might include representatives of the district merchants' association, Chamber of Commerce, local art association, school Board, library, civic associations, special interest clubs, YMCA/YWCA, an ad agency or even a bank marketing department. 

Specific Committee Functions:

  • Directs retail promotional activity, traffic-building activity and image improvement activity for the business district or establishes liaisons and develops joint promotional strategies with existing organizations active in one or more of these areas.
  • Assumes primary responsibility for defining the marketable image of the district and ensuring continuity of that marketable image in all district promotional programs.
  • Monitors district and consumer perceptions of the district and seeks to reverse negative attitudes and build on positive ones.
  • Allocates funds for promotional activities in accordance with the program’s overall annual work plan and budget.
  • Works toward building new sources of promotional funding for a portion of the program’s total annual promotional budget
  • Builds a strong network of volunteers to participate in implementation of promotional programs and establishes good working relationships with district organizations, charities, school clubs and other groups who might participate in promotional programs.
  • Works with the Economic Vitality Committee to monitor changes in the district's market and adjusts the promotional plan accordingly, always building on local assets, to increase the district's market share.
  • Works with the Design Committee to ensure a consistent, high-quality graphic image in signs, advertisements and other graphic material associated with the program.
  • Establishes a sound working relationship with local and regional media.
  • Monitors the effectiveness of promotional programs on an ongoing basis.

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