Upcoming Beautification Projects from our Design Committee

Custom Planters

Fabricated by our friends over at the Powell Sculpture Studio, these gorgeous planters will be installed across the district to add "pops of color" to our sometimes monochromatic landscape. 

Project Status: Confirming locations that will receive planters and then confirming that plan with the City of Orlando. 

Anticipated Timeline: Installation within the next few months.

Creative Bike Racks

Originally purchased a number of years ago, these fun bike racks (a pizza slice, ice cream cone, and coffee mug) will finally be installed for the community to use and enjoy. 

Project Status: Confirming locations that will receive bike racks and then confirming that plan with the City of Orlando. 

Anticipated Timeline: Installation within the next few months.

Murals Coming Soon!

Business members are requesting some art on their blank walls and we're happy to deliver. Community canvases like this one will be getting a fresh coat of AWESOME soon!

Project Status:  Designs will be provided to the Design Committee to vote on in the next few weeks.   

Anticipated Timeline: After the final design is selected, the mural will need to be approved by the City of Orlando and then be installed.

Want to upgrade your façade? Contact us today! [email protected]

New bus stop from Lynx!

We know that we already mentioned this project, but since it still hasn't happened yet, we wanted to include the update in this blog. 

Project Status:  The Lynx organization has this bus stop "on it's list" of bus stops that will be replaced with the updated black version (to match all the other bus stops in our district). 

Anticipated Timeline: We have requested an updated timeline for this project from Lynx's engineers and we are awaiting additional information to provide. 

Want to help make these decisions for the future of our district? Join a committee today! 

Contact us to learn more and find a place for your skills and schedule. 

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