Curry Ford West is looking for creative and talented artists to bring history and nature inspired murals to our district.

Here are some of the items we are looking to bring to life through your art:
- Wall Murals 
- Utility Boxes/ Traffic Control Cabinets
- Large Waste Receptacles

The artistic concept, size and location must be approved in advance of installation. Learn more about Curry Ford West HERE.

Please see below for Regulations regarding murals within the City of Orlando. 

For further questions or to submit design ideas, please email [email protected]

Designs/proposals can be submitted throughout the year

Regulations for murals within the City of Orlando (regulations for properties in unincorporated Orange County might differ):

  • Content and Size

    • Hand-rendered artwork, such as paint or mosaic

    • Original, non-copyrighted image (i.e., no logos or wordmarks, even for non-profits)

    • Less than 5% of area devoted to non-commercial text

    • Less than 5% of area devoted to sponsor text or logo

    • Prohibited on building front:

      • Text

      • Sponsorship graphics

      • Changeable art, such as graffiti walls

    • Maximum size

      • Up to 15 ft. tall – can be 100% of wall area

      • Up to 30 ft. tall – can be 50% of wall area

      • Up to 60 ft. tall – can be 25% of wall area

      • Greater than 60 ft. tall – not permitted

  •  Location

    • Front (within a Main Street district), side, or rear of building

    • Not in a residential (R-x) or historic (/HP) zoning district (See

    • On sheer walls that do not have architectural detail, including but not limited to doors and windows

    • Does not compromise any other code requirement, including but not limited to required transparency

    • One work of art per visible perspective of the building

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