This event has ended and was a wonderful success. Thanks so much for celebrating with us!

Event Concept

Curry Ford West, led by Alexis Sammons, and Slice Creative Network, led by Melody Matheny, have joined together to create "Picture Perfect Holidays". This free community event located in the Curry Ford West area will feature 5 family-friendly Photo Areas that celebrate the holiday season on a walkable path.

Over 50 theme park designers who've been laid off or furloughed due to COVID-19 have come together through Slice Creative Network to write, design and create this uplifting and light-hearted event for the Orlando community with their bare hands and a whole lot of love!

The Main Street holiday celebration will not only create a celebratory, joyous atmosphere, it will invigorate the community, support local culture, and bring people together, while still keeping them safely apart during this era of Covid-19. It will also elevate Curry Ford West as an exciting local attraction, giving a boost to neighborhood businesses and services.

Event Map
"Making Of" Photos
Concept Art

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