Curry Ford West exists to provide residents and businesses the opportunity to help beautify, connect, promote and improve our district.



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Curry Ford West will connect residents and business owners to cultivate genuine community and stimulate local businesses.

Naming Curry Ford Road

Curry Ford Road was named after the Curry family, one of the early notable homesteaders in the Orlando area. Little is known about the Curry family except the fact that they owned land 25 miles east of  Orlando, where the Econlockhatchee River flowed. In order to cross toward the east coast of Florida, travelers would have to “ford” the river. Hence the name, Curry Ford.

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Naming the neighborhoods

The Conway area was first settled by the British in the 1880's to the 1890's with the hopes of financial gains by investing in the citrus industry. British newspapers touted the lives of the gentlemen orange growers in Florida and convincingly marketed this area as a land to grow personal wealth. With as little as $1 per acre, the British investors were told that once the orange trees reached maturity, they could profit approximately $10,000 annually. The ads were effective and led to an influx of British settlers seeking their fortunes. This population boom could explain why neighborhoods and streets in this area have English, Scottish, and Welsh names such as: Dover, Newcastle, Marscastle, Wessex, Essex, Dunsany, Pickfair, Berwyn, Devonshire, etc.

Did you KNow?

Briercliff Road, Curry Ford Road, and Conway were some of the first roads in Orlando to be paved for ease in transportation during the 1890's.

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