Design Committee Co-Chair

Target Start Date: 05/16/23 · Application Deadline: May 12, 2023

Longer-Term Role with CFW

Help us lead the Design team for CFW and help not only beautify our graphic design, but the landscaping and placemaking, too!

The Design Committee's purpose is to create an attractive, coordinated and quality image of the district by capitalizing on its unique assets and heritage. Its responsibilities do not lie solely with the improvement of traditional commercial buildings. It should be involved in all aspects of design that have an impact on the overall image of the district, including analyzing parking, graphic design, coordinating window displays and acting as a design resource for property owners. If the local program is planning to develop a local low-interest loan pool or other financial incentives to stimulate interest in design projects, this Committee will play a critical role in setting up and administering a design review and approval process.

Example: A "sign bounty" program that could help refresh the damaged signs across our district.

The Design Committee's members should include people who are qualified -- either by profession or volunteer interest and experience -- to supervise its projects, such as architects, landscapers, interior designers, graphic artists, sign painters, contractors, historic commission representatives, artists and citizens interested in good design. It might also include a district property owner and the city's building inspector.

Specific Committee Functions:

  • Directs design improvement activity with regard to building maintenance and rehabilitation, historic preservation, new construction, public and private signs, graphic material, public improvements, visual merchandising, traffic and parking.
  • Works with the Promotion Committee to ensure a consistent, high-quality graphic image in signs, advertisements and other graphic material associated with the program.
  • Establishes a sound relationship with local design and construction professionals, sharing technical information on historic preservation, rehabilitation and maintenance of traditional commercial buildings. (we know a number of these people already)
  • Promotes awareness of local design and historic preservation issues throughout the district.
  • Monitors design changes throughout the district.
  • Works with the Economic Vitality Committee to plan, implement and administer appropriate incentives to encourage design improvement and property development activity. 
  • Allocates funds for design improvement activities in accordance with the program's overall annual work plan and budget.
  • Conducts a monthly committee meeting and communicates with other volunteers on the Committee and the Board.

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Curry Ford West
Schedule: Ongoing