Curry Ford West - District Maps

Curry Ford West District 

The Curry Ford West District is excited to continue offering great benefits to our Business Members year after year. However, we recently replaced our District Card program with initiatives and events that respond to needs we’ve been hearing from our local community of residents and business owners alike.

City and County Boundaries

The Curry Ford West District uniquely spans city and county boundaries, encompassing parts of Orlando and unincorporated areas of Orange County. This intersection offers access to diverse resources and regulatory frameworks from both jurisdictions. Understanding these boundaries is crucial for effective planning, as it involves navigating different zoning laws and public services. Collaboration between city and county officials ensures cohesive development strategies, leveraging urban infrastructure from the city and growth opportunities from the county. This dual jurisdiction approach enhances infrastructure, attracts investment, and improves the quality of life for Curry Ford West residents, fostering a vibrant and thriving community.

City Limits - Shaded

County Limits - Not Shaded

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