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Curry Ford West exists to provide residents and businesses the opportunity to help beautify, connect, promote and improve our district.

Curry Ford West is a culturally diverse district where people of all ages, races, ethnicities gather in shops, restaurants, and businesses creating memories in multiple languages. Residents and visitors alike feel welcome and are encouraged to share experiences with those who've made CFW home for generations or are brand new to the area. With lively chatter coming from shared spaces, business and property owners share excitement over being part of this community. Though some may want to venture beyond the CFW, they won't need to! Curry Ford West has it all, tucked away in the serene Southern neighborhoods of Downtown Orlando.

We want to see your Picture Perfect Photos!

You've seen the Picture Perfect Holidays sets sprinkled across the Curry Ford West District since 2020, but this year we're changing some things up a bit.

Just like prior years, visitors and residents alike can enjoy these festive photo ops all month long, but this year, we encouraged local businesses to set up their own photo ops inside their locations to be added to the official 2022 map! 

Post your Picture Perfect Holiday pics to social media using #PPH2022 to see which sets wins Fan Favorite by Saturday, December 17th!

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Community Course: "10 Hacks of Effective Marketing"
Dec 15, 2022
6:00 PM EST
4534 Curry Ford Rd
Orlando, FL 32812
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Edgez Dance 4602 E Michigan St, Orlando, FL 32812 | (321) 209-3415

A true testament to small business ownership, Edgez Dance owner Melissa Geltz took her dance studio to the next level when she outgrew Curry Ford West. While her new location is just outside of the district boundaries, they remain loyal members of the district and participate in many of our annual events with their traveling dance troupe. 

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