The Value of Sponsors

Some give time, some give money, all give generously and that's the power of philanthropy.

Complete the circle of success and give back today.


Use the form below to sign up as a Sponsor of an upcoming event. You will be contacted after completing the form to confirm your sponsorship level. We appreciate your generosity and look forward to working with you to make these events and initiatives successful!

When you're considering this investment, you'll want to know where that money goes. ​Curry Ford West is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that operates on member fees and donations, with additional support from the City of Orlando. Proceeds that come from Sponsorships help to fund our event programming, beautification efforts, and community initiatives that fall within the categories of: Legacy, Unity, and Family

Want to sponsor multiple events, an event or initiative you don't see listed, or donate a gift in-kind? Complete the form below and we'll review all options together. Want to read more about the sponsorship levels?



These larger companies and organizations keep our District funded running with their generosity. While they may not have a direct footprint in our community, they still want to invest in its future.

Corporate District Partners

Orlando Health

Orlando Health

1414 Kuhl Ave.

MP 56

Orlando, FL 32806


These individuals and organizations keep CFW running with their generosity. Consider checking out supporting them to say "thank you" for all they give to our community.

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Cornerstone Members

JJ's Fresh From Scratch

JJ's Fresh From Scratch

2950 Curry Ford Road

Orlando, FL 32806

(407) 802-2947
The Band Room

The Band Room

3223 Curry Ford Road

Orlando, FL 32806